Corrosion Protection

Exposure to sun, rain and snow can be brutal on metal and concrete structures. This is why a protective coating is crucial for any exposed facility structures. With wide range of smart repair systems, GTS offers corrosion Protection& Control solutions for every industrial market including above and underground storage concrete, infrastructure, offshore and marine to rehabilitate clients’ assets without any non-useful downtime.

During maintenance programs, shutdowns and outages, we assess, design and execute the right technical solutions for maximizing industrial assets life.

Our Solution


Casing Filling

Prevents galvanic corrosion of carrier pipe which is caused by the presence of water or water vapor in the annular space between the pipeline casing and the carrier pipe. Also, it prevents “water short” that occurs through the water in the casing. Further, in the case of a pipe shorted to the casing through a direct metal-to-metal contact, filling the casing might correct this condition.

Advantages of Casing Filling include the following:
■ Prevents galvanic and atmospheric corrosion within casings
■ Displaces and prevents re-entry of water in casings
■ Inert, non-hazardous, and non-volatile
■ Reduces cathodic protection current drain and can correct       “metallic short”

Casing Filling

Trenton's Wax-Tapes is composed of a blend of microcrystalline waxes, plasticizers and corrosion inhibitors saturated into a non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper. They also contain no siliceous mineral fillers
Advantages of the Wax Tape include the following:

■ Ideal where only minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP2 or ISO St2)
■ Conforms to irregular shapes
■ No drying or curing time before backfilling and can be applied over wet surfaces
■ Nontoxic, nonflammable, non carcinogenic, no VOCs
■ Can be removed and re-applied for inspection purposes
■ Compatible with other coatings and can be painted after firming up
■ Excellent resistance to “weathering” and UV
■ Resistant to acid, salts, and other soil organics over a wide range of pH
■ High dielectric strength and excellent resistance to cathodicdisbondment

Trenton Wax Tape system consists of the following two types:

Wax-Tape #1: For application on belowground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion. Application temperature of (0-110°F) and Operating temperature of (-50-120°F).
Wax-Tape #2: For application on aboveground and belowground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion. Resists weathering and UV with operating temperature of (-50-140°F).
Wax-Tape HT3000: For application on aboveground and belowground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings experiencing higher than normal temperatures. Resists weathering and UV. Can be applied and will perform effectively at continuous operating temperatures of up to 230°F (110°C).

3X Engineering


Is an emergency on-line leak sealing system used to stop leaks under pressure in few minutes for 4 to 56 inch (114 - 1422 mm) diameter pipe size.
STOPKiTcan be converted into a permanent leak sealing system by over-molding the STOPKiT with a specific shell filled with 3X developed resin. In such configuration, the repair resists to external damages, environment effects, and makes your repair durable.
sealing system which is lighter and more flexible and presents excellent resistance to elongation in subsea environment.


Is a composite repair system that can be applied to a large range of damaged structures including pipes (diameter ranging from 2 to 56”), beam, column, elbow and tee in accordance to the international codes ISO24817 and ASME PCC-2 to give a minimum life time of 20 years.REINFORCEKiT can be applied without shutdown for all non through-wall-defects and it is designed using unique REA software.
REINFORCEKiTSubsea is a version of this composite repair system for subsea pipe and structure that uses a special resin that polymerized underwater to make it a very cost effective solution.


Is an excellent prevention against external corrosion effects on piping and support that can be installed on both old and new facilities.ROLLERKiTis made of High Performance and very high compression modulus materials designed for a 20years minimum service life. It is Available from 4 " to 56" and can be applied up to 250 °C continuous for both Onshore and Offshore.


It allows sealing SF6 gas leaks under pressure and under tension located on the flange. Its unique double shell concept enables to inject the resin without any risk of pipe intrusion and allows further flange dismantling. This unique solution for SF6 flange leaks avoids costly and non recommended consignation..