Communications & Systems

At GTS, we develop and implement wireless solutions for business and government, focusing on two way radios and wireless broadband technologies offering a comprehensive range of Wireless Communication and Networking Solutions at very competitive industrial prices......... We introduce ourselves as an established leader in the field of Radio Communications in the country and offer state of art, user-friendly products and solutions to meet the

We have structured thoughtful partnerships with global players in RF field, in our endeavor to offer “One stop solution”, ranging from Two way radios in VHF, UHF and HF frequency bands, Analogue Trunking and Digital Trunking in TETRA protocol TO Microwave digital radio links.

Company Potential

GTS commands a high sci-tech potential and has all the necessary personnel resources and logistical support to realize complex projects in the area of mobile radio communication systems. The company possesses sufficient modern technological tools for designing and testing, installation and commissioning, servicing and maintenance, including warranty and post warranty repairs of supplied equipment.

  ■    Offering High quality branded Wireless products at competitive prices.
  ■    Easy Licensed UHF Short Range Walky Talky sets in 350 MHz band.
  ■    Intrinsically Safe Radio Systems.
  ■    Marine Portable and Mobile Radios.
  ■    Aero Band Portable and Mobile Radios.
  ■    Digital Trunking Portable and Mobile/Static Radios.
  ■    Provide customized Two Way Communication & Security solutions.
  ■    Repair , AMC and Installation of Wireless sets.
  ■    Comprehensive network management.