Electrical & Power

Power Backup Systems : We offer AC UPS and DC UPS (Battery Charger), based on latest technology, have been developed for the most severe industrial and environmental demands. The systems can be sized and configured according to specific customer requirements considering crucial factors. We offer output ratings ranging from 5kVA – 300kVA and all common input and output voltages, frequencies. Higher ratings are available on request. Customers can also select from a range of optional features.
Other system features are :

■ Human Machine Interface (HMI)
■ Battery Monitoring
■ Redundant Systems
■ Outdoor Adaption

Our Power Backup solutions include complementary system components such as:

■ Batteries
■ Battery fuse boxes
■ ByPass Transformer
■ Distribution Panel
■ Load Bank
■ DC-DC Converter
■ Solar UPS

We supply state-of-the-art Solar Power Systems with custom-made charge-control technologies in the systems. We offer dedicated output regulators for specific purposes, such as cathodic protection or a specific voltage window. We also offer solar modules for use in hazardous areas Zone 1 (ATEX and IECEx certified).