We provide Fire & Gas Systems that are most efficient and cost-effective fixed point sensors, controllers and transmitters. Wherever protection is required from flammable or toxic gases, you can rely on us to provide practical solutions and to help keep your business running safely
The product range include:

Gas Detectors

■ Toxic Gas Detectors
■ Flammable Gas Detectors
■ InfraRed Detectors
■ Open Path Detector
■ Universal Transmitters with MODBUS or
■ SIL 2 certified Detectors
■ PID detectors for VOC
■ Wireless systems for Fence Monitoring

Portable Gas Detectors

■ SingleGas Detectors
■ MultiGas Detectors
■ PID detectors
■ Wireless Detectors for temporary
■ Electronic Personal Dosimeters &
     Radiation Detectors

Flame Detector

■ IR/IR/UV Flame Detector
■ Triple IR Flame Detector

Fire & Gas Controller

■ DIN Rail Mounted Controller
■Four Point Controller
■Multi Channel Controller
■SIL rated Controller