Instrumentation & Control

Our comprehensive process instrumentation portfolio offers best-in-class instruments for the widest range of applications.


■ Magnetic Level Gauges
■ Ultrasonic / RADAR Level Transmitters
■Guided Wave Radar (GWR) Level Transmitter
■Level Switches
■Tank Inventory Management

Pressure / Temperature

■ Pressure / Temperature Gauges
■ Pressure / Temperature Transmitters
■ Pressure / Temperature Switches

Instrument Fittings

■ Instrument Monoflange
■ Needle Valves
■ Manifold
■ Seal Pot
■ Double Block & Bleed Valve
■ Air Header
    We offer all the above items in SS, Duplex as well as Exotic metals

Analyser Shelter & Systems

Analyzer shelters are designed, manufactured and supplied in accordance with the applicable standards and area classifications: from unclassified locations to classified locations such as Zone 1 and 2; Class I, Division 1 or 2, Gas Group B, C and D.

Our systems are based on the following major items:
1. Sample take-off probes for installation on process lines.
2. Fast-loop systems and pumping facilities.
3. Sample pre-conditioning / conditioning systems.
4. PLC based safety control system.
5. Sample recovery system to collect spent samples and pump back to process lines.
7. Analyzer shelters fully equipped with:
        ■ Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning System (Safe Area / Ex-Proof)
        ■ Power distribution systems
        ■ Lightning Grounding
        ■ Safety devices and Gas Monitoring Systems
        ■ Utilities headers
        ■ On-line analyzers such as: Gas chromato graphs, Flash Point,
            Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, and Vapour pressure, TOC, Moisture, Density,
            Chemical composition,Physical properties, NIR, FTIR, Sulphur etc.