Cooling Systems

Global Technical Services is specialized in the field of Industrial cooling system with vide technical experience. We provides cooling solutions for the following
• HVAC (Comfort Cooling)
• Industrial Process Cooling for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical plants
• Sea water Cooling
• Compressor / Engine Jacket Cooling
• Pump Station Cooling System
• RO Plants
• ETS (Energy Transfer Stations)

The cooling system involve the following Equipmenst
• Wet Cooling towers
• Wet Saturated air coolers
• Plate Heat Exchangers
• Side Stream filtration system
• Basin weeping system
• Sea water filters

Storage Tank Solutions

Our complete line of AST products leads the industry in performance and value. Our products have been engineered to provide significant benefits in the form of increased working capacity, reduced heel, improved tank safety, increased life span, reduced emissions and reduced maintenance.

We also offer the following solutions also for Storage Tanks
• Level Instruments
• Safety Relief Valves
• Leak Detection System
• Water Cut Meter

Plug Valves

- Pressure Balanced Taped Plug Valves
- Double Isolation Plug Valves
- Twin Isolation Plug Valves